Megaton Musashi Opening Special Trailer

Megaton Musashi Opening Special Trailer

Level-5 has shared a new Megaton Musashi opening special trailer, showing off more of the crossmedia mecha action RPG set to release next month.

Here’s the new Megaton Musashi opening special trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its official site:

The Story

In an ordinary town, there were people who lived a peaceful and fulfilling life. But they did not know that it was a false peace. The unknowable truth… The earth has already been destroyed…

99.9% of the human race is dead after being attacked by a mysterious alien force from outer space. The enemy was named “Draktor”. Eventually, a huge hole was drilled in the earth. It was terraformed into an environment suitable for alien habitation. Humans had no choice but to hide in the shelter to escape their eyes. They have no choice but to hide in shelters, waiting for the day of resurrection, which may come at any time…

The inhabitants of the shelter, Ixia, have had their memories of the day of destruction erased. The residents of the shelter Ixia have had their memories of the day of destruction erased and are living normal lives without knowing anything about it. However, some of the “chosen ones” have become pilots. But some of the “chosen ones” have become pilots, driving giant robots called “Rogues” and fighting aliens. Today, another new pilot is selected…


Take control of a rogue and use your flashy special moves to take on the alien Draktor force! You can play alone with up to two co-workers, or with up to three co-workers in multiplayer to destroy the enemy!

  • Multiplayer – Cooperate with your friends to get the upper hand! The key to battle is to cooperate with your friends! In multiplayer, up to three players can play simultaneously through both online and local communications. Use different weapons and special moves depending on the battle situation to fight your way through! Local communication is only supported on the Nintendo Switch version
  • Cockpit Mode – In the cockpit mode, you can use the “V-Navi” to give instructions on aircraft repairs. You can also change the “V-Navi” that serves as your navigation system. In the cockpit mode, you can change the “V-Navi” that gives you instructions for repairing the aircraft and navigation. You can also unleash your trump card in battle, the Kabuki Function!
  • Kabuki Special – Super-sized special moves that are released as you progress through the story! Unleash a massive blow at the critical moment!
  • Force Field – A “Force Field” appears when you use a special move. If you stay in the force field for a certain amount of time, you’ll get a boost! Work with your friends to raise your Force level while fighting the enemy!
  • Story Mode – Learn the truth and annihilate the aliens! Take control of the protagonist, Yamato Ichidaiji, and other pilots, and relive the story. Control the main character, Yamato Ichidaiji, and relive the story.

Megaton Musashi launches November 11 in Japan across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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