Mega Man ZX3 was once in development but has since been canceled

Mega Man ZX3 was once in development

During a livestream late last year, staff at Inti Creates casually mentioned non-existent game Mega Man ZX3 was once in development.

Mega Man ZX was a new chapter in the Mega Man Zero series. The latest game Mega Man ZX Advent was released in 2007 and the series has seemingly been abandoned since then.

But three is an unlucky number when it comes to Mega Man and much like the ill-fated Mega Man Legends 3Mega Man ZX3 has apparently been abandoned by Capcom.

You can find the livestream below where Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu openly confirms Mega Man ZX3 was once in development:

A translation of the conversation was made available on the Mega Man enthusiast site Rock Man Corner.

Tai Toshiaki: You made the player character [Mega Man], right, Mr. Tsuda?

Tsuda: Yes.

Toshiaki: And it moves very smooth, no?

Aizu: It does!

Toshiaki: The best Mega Man–

Aizu: Well, you know, Mr. Tsuda made ZX3‘s player character, right? He was working on the ZX3 player character and then brought what he had to Mega Man 9‘s player character. It was in the middle of ZX3‘s development. [note: Aizu isn’t referring to ZX3 or MM9‘s *literal* playable character(s). He is referring to the technical mechanics behind player-controlled characters. How they move, how they feel, etc.]

Tsuda: I-is it okay to talk about this topic? Is this a good idea?

Aizu: There is no such thing as a “ZX3” game! [laughing]

Tsuda: Well–

Aizu: Because the right name is ZX “C”!

Tsuda: Yes. Amazing.

Hiroki Miyazawa: Amazing, yes.

Aizu:  I am the drunkest. (laughs)

Tsuda: I’m certain the project’s code name was “ZXC”.

Aizu: But that’s it, isn’t it? Mr. Kou… Young Yabe… Mr. Yabe wrote the setting materials.

Tsuda: Yes, yes.

Aizu: Yes indeed.

Tsuda: Well, he was preparing things to make it right away.

Aizu: Sure. He came up with a lot of places for the game’s world. No; I guess we shouldn’t be talking about ZXC.

Tsuda: It’s obviously a bad idea! But, uh, well…

Aizu: I’ll cut it up in the archive later. [i.e cutting the ZXC comments from archived version of the stream. He didn’t.]

Tsuda: If the fans wanna complain, talk to Capcom!… kidding!

Aizu: Those involved in the decision [cancelling ZX3/ZXC] have left Capcom by now anyway! Mr. Inafune isn’t there anymore to begin with!

What do you think? Would you be interested in a sequel to Mega Man ZX Advent? Are you still holding a candle for Mega Man Legends 3? What do you hope to see from the Mega Man franchise in the coming years? Let us know in the comments!

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