Mega Man Fans, Here’s Your Chance: Support Inafune’s Spiritual Successor

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Mega Man fans, the co-creator of the series, Keiji Inafune, is back with a kickstarter that is being poised as a spiritual successor to the popular franchise that Capcom has sadly neglected (and quietly killed off).

keiji inafune1Inafune-san is asking for your help to create Mighty No. 9, a side-scrolling action game that is etched from the very passion that helped him create Mega Man all those years ago.

The game will be heavily inspired by Mega Man, but the new titular hero has a more modern name, Beck. Beck is the ninth robot in the group called the “Mighty Numbers”.

The other Mighty Numbers lashed out and took over strategic locations across the globe, securing their power with minions at their every whim.

One of the big things Beck has in common with Mega Man is that he naturally acquires the abilities of the other defeated Mighty Numbers. Comcept is also pushing the fact that these new abilities will allow Beck to transform and use all kinds of crazy awesome attacks and abilities.

Worried that Keiji Inafune is purely the head of development and that the rest of the team isn’t up to snuff? Well fear not, because most of the original Mega Man team is back to work on development of Mighty No. 9, including Naoya Tomita (original level designer), Manami Matsumae (original soundtrack and sound effects), and lots of other talent young and old.

Even though Inafune and his team are asking for $900,000 as a funding goal, the fact that they’ve already earned $25,000 since the kickstarter has gone up merely a half an hour ago means they probably won’t have any issues reaching their goal.

Still, despite this I sincerely feel that this game needs to be made, so please consider pledging at their kickstarter page. Also, a side note: you guys HAVE to listen to the track that Manami Matsumae has listed on the kickstarter page.

mighty no. 9 ss 2

I don’t believe that this is a game that is merely trying to tie into our nostalgia, Inafune and his team are trying to make the true evolution of Mega Man, something Capcom hasn’t done since his departure years ago.

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