Mega Man fangame adds playable Roll

Mega Man Shattered Diamond

The upcoming Mega Man fangame Mega Man Shattered Diamond announced that Roll would be a playable character.

Not only will Roll be playable, but unlike past games where she’s been included, this time Roll will have her own take on the Robot Masters’ copy abilities.

Equipped with her iconic broom, Roll brings an entirely different style of play than traditional Mega Man games and in Shattered Diamond she’ll be a little more acrobatic. Her boom means she needs to get close for her default attacks, but she has a few other tricks like being able to pogo off of enemies like a certain Scottish duck.

You can check out the Roll announcement trailer for Mega Man Shattered Diamond below.

The fangame is the breakout project of Team Circadia and has been in the works for approximately 6 years (just going off their YouTube uploads).

Other playable characters include Mega Man (of course), Bass, and Proto Man.

It’s been 5 years since the last official game in the franchise Mega Man 11, wherein they abandoned the classic pixel graphics fans had come to expect when the classic series returned from an 11 year hiatus with Mega Man 9.

A new demo for Mega Man Shattered Diamond is expected to release sometime soon, though at the moment Team Circadia is looking for testers before they release it.

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