Meet Your Maker announces frozen new sector in next update

Meet Your Maker Shattered Peak

Meet Your Maker is getting a new frigid sector called Shattered Peak, as well as some new features.

You can read more about it below:

New features and gameplay updates are coming to Meet Your Maker on August 15 as part of our first Mid-Sector update! We also have a special teaser at the end of this email hinting at where Meet Your Maker will be taking players next.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features, content, improvements and more that are coming with the Rising Tides Mid-Sector Update:

New Features and Updates

  • Social Raiding Now Enabled for Every Outpost – With this update, every Activated Outpost will automatically have the Social Raid status enabled, meaning that they will always be searchable from the Social Raid menu. Progression and rewards will still only be tied to the Outposts raided from the standard Raid Map, but now Builders will be able to share their levels without worrying about losing out on standard raid rewards.
  • Introduction of Daily Challenges – A Daily Challenges system for Raiders will be introduced, replacing the current Chimera Tribute system. Raiders will now have a steady stream of exciting new tasks to complete and will be rewarded for doing so. These challenges also improve gameplay variety by encouraging the use of different mechanics and strategies.

New Gameplay Content & Improvements

To keep Raiders and Builders on their toes, we’re deploying 5 new Mods and Augments. We’ve seen first-hand how quickly the community creates when they have new tools to work with and we’re excited to see how these latest additions will shake up life for Custodians in the wasteland. All of the new Mods and Augments will be unlockable with in-game currency.

In addition, three new solid-color decals will be made instantly available for all players to further push the themes of Sector 1: Dreadshore.

And finally, the new update will be arriving with bug fixes, balance updates and UI refinements.

Sector 2 will give you the chills

Here’s a small tease of what’s coming next to Meet Your Maker. For the previous major content update, players needed to bring an umbrella… this time around, they’ll need something to keep them warm. Sector 2 will be called Shattered Peak and it’s right around the corner.

If you are curious about the game, consider reading our review for Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker is available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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