Meet One Of Umbra’s Bosses

If you had your interested piqued by open-world action RPG Umbra when we introduced it a few days back, you might also find the developer’s latest Kickstarter update interesting as well.

Since bosses are always such a memorable part of action RPGs (Diablo’s Butcher comes to mind), developer Solarfall games decided to outline one of its own freakishly deformed boss monsters, the deadly “Lambach”:

    Lambach used to be an ambitious human scientist of the Republic, but his limited understanding of the world lead him to explore the land of the occult. His main interest was the secrets of life and the human body. By reading a tome of ancient knowledge and forgotten religion, he slowly discovered forbidden secrets that humans should have never been aware of.
    He tried to enter in contact with unearthly entities, but he failed at every try. He pushed his research more and more, visiting the most cursed places in the world, digging into graveyards and exploring forgotten crypts to harness infernal books and artifacts.

The update goes on much longer, even detailing his powers and what the area looks like in which he dwells. Apparently, they’ve thought this out quite extensively and the passion shows in their descriptions. As if those Cryengine-powered visuals weren’t already enough.

With less than $70,000 to go and 23 days left, it’s essentially guaranteed that they’ll hit their goal.

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