Mech FPS Hawken returns 5 years later as a F2P and PVE game


Publisher 505 Games has announced Hawken Reborn, a new free-to-play and offline version of the mech first-person shooter.

The original Hawken was shut down a little over five years ago, and in its original release was an online-only, multiplayer focused mech shooter.

Its new release, Hawken Reborn, is launching for Windows PC (via Steam) in only a few days – albeit through early access, on May 17th.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Welcome to the world of Illal, a planet once thought to be humanity’s future utopia, turned into a grim dystopia driven by corporate corruption and greed. Illicit terraforming poisoned the atmosphere and a terrible accident gave birth to the “Giga,” a nanite plague that ravaged half the planet.

Become a mercenary pilot, pitting your mech against the dangers of Illal, gaining fame, fortune, and resources to reach the truth behind its bodyguard of lies.


  • A New Way to Play – Experience a brand new Player vs Environment (PVE) experience in the Hawken Universe as you fight through the dystopic lands of Illal against warring factions, greedy corporations, and even more deadly adversaries.
  • Visceral, High Octane Mech Combat – Experience moment-to-moment combat with highly mobile combat machines equipped with deadly weapons to dominate opponents and unique thrusters that enhance both ground and vertical mobility.
  • Patrol For Bounty Contracts – Take on special Radio Missions while on Patrol to earn scrip and resources to upgrade your Mech. Be careful though; the longer you’re out there, the harder your enemies will become. Grab what you can and get back to base – if your Mech goes down, it’s back to the Hangar with nothing but scraps.
  • Build Your Perfect War Machine – Construct military-grade mech models known as ‘Axes’ with an all-new blueprint and upgrade system featuring a deep progression of power-up options for weapons and key components.
  • Discover a Re-imagined World – Uncover never-before-seen regions of Illal as you fight head-to-head with the corporations and factions fighting over a vast, futuristic, open world filled with resources, forbidden zones, and enemies lurking around every corner.
  • Join an Evolving Narrative – Play a part in the next chapter of mech warfare in the Hawken Universe with six opening missions to complete in this initial Arc. Venture out in your mech and fight alongside new characters to discover all new storylines hidden deep in Illal that will continue to evolve in the future.


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