McPixel 3 announced for PC and “other devices dating back as far as 1995”

McPixel 3

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Sos Sosowski have announced McPixel 3 for PC and “and other devices dating back as far as 1995.”

McPixel 3 is launching sometime in 2022 for Windows PC (via Steam) and is a direct sequel to their 2012-released game McPixel.

As per their pedigree, Devolver pokes fun at the announcement by saying, “Join Devolver Digital and the rest of the gaming universe later this year when we ask the eternal question: what the hell happened to McPixel 2?”

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s falling too fast to be either of those. It’s McPixel! A wanna-be hero who keeps getting mixed up in the most unbelievable situations you can imagine.

Avert one disaster after another at every turn using unconventional yet entertaining methods of mayhem including – but not limited to – summoning a spider-billionaire, having a BBQ in his pants, punching a T-Rex into outer space, peeing into sports cars, and kicking Fork Parker in the balls.Key Features:
100 mind-blowing levels


  • Over 900 hilarious gags
  • Nearly 1500 interactive items
  • Over 20 minigames in all imaginable genres
  • 258,924,600 pixels
  • Works on your mom’s computer
  • Steve
  • A water level
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