McDonald’s Japan Announced Ramune Flavored McShake For Summer

McDonalds Ramune McShake

McDonald’s Japan has announced they will be making a Ramune-flavored McShake available this summer at select locations.

According to the press release from McDonald’s Japan Co., Ltd. (via DigitalPR), a Ramune-flavored McShake will be available at select locations in Japan along with a promotional cup. The small size will come in a special classic Ramune inspired cup, and as such will only be available in limited quantities during the promotion.

Ramune is a lemon-lime flavored soft drink popular in Japan, and commonly found imported at anime conventions in the west. The name Ramune (ラムネ) comes from a shortening of lemonade (レモネード), and is known for it’s unique bottle shape that uses a marble to seal the beverage.

As McDonald’s Japan is partnering with Morinaga & Company, the McShake flavor is based more off the confectionery version of Ramune, rather than the soda’s original flavor.

The Ramune flavored Mcshake will be available for a limited time beginning May 20th.

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