MatPat announces retirement from Game Theory and YouTube


YouTube content creator MatPat (Matthew Robert Patrick) has announced that he’s stepping down from Team Theorist (Film Theory, Food Theory, Game Theory, and Style Theory).

In a tear-filled 25 minute video, MatPat goes into his thoughts and feelings on content creation and why he ultimately made this decision. His announcement comes only a week after YouTuber Tom Scott made a similar announcement, citing similar reasons.

Those reasons being? It’s time to quit, both Scott and Patrick cited the long hours of being virtually self-employed and an inability to turn-off from their work. As MatPat puts it: “I miss the days where I could just sit down on the couch… and play video games; and it’s not for content”.

You can find MatPat’s full video below.

MatPat is largely known for his work on The Game Theorists, especially his deep dives and speculation into Five Nights at Freddy’s and its lore. He recently made a cameo appearance in the recent Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, alluding to his work on The Game Theorists.

His departure doesn’t mean the end of Team Theorist as he explains the group’s growing staff and partnership with Lunar X.

MatPat will be hosting his last “Theory” episode on March 9.

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