The Last Oricru and Mato Anomalies hands-on 2022 previews

Mato Anomalies

We got to do hands-on previews for both The Last Oricru and Mato Anomalies at PAX West 2022. In this edition of PAX West previews, we have both titles from Prime Matter with The Last Oricru and Mato Anomalies.

For those who are unaware, The Last Oricru is currently being developed by Gold Knights and is set to release on October 13th, 2022 – that’s right, its release is less than a month away.

Meanwhile, Arrowiz’ Mato Anomalies has no official release date. So what did we see during our PAX West 2022 preview of The Last Oricru and Mato Anomalies?

The Last Oricru Preview

With less than a month until the game’s release, Gold Knights and Prime Matter had two new perspectives and sides of the story to show us. This time, we played through the same encounter but saw both perspectives. In this demo, we played through the same mission experiencing both the Naboru and Ratkins sides.

On the Ratkins side, we are sent to reinforce their general who is combating the Queen’s forces. Upon arriving, we see the Ratkin general about to be executed. After slamming his weapon to the ground, we see general Draap escape but are left to fight against the Naboru’s champion in his place.

From the Naboru perspective, we are tasked by the Queen to take down the Ratkin’s general. After defeating the Ratkin’s general we are given the option to either execute the enemy or let him go; we choose to execute him and the choice made left us wondering what else we could have done. So, we decided to do both.

After defeating the general, we are given the option to either spare or execute the general. If we chose to spare the general, he flees. If we choose to execute him, the boss fight resumes. Despite defeating him, the Ratkin general manages to escape. Hopefully, the act of sparing him vs trying to execute him will have monumental impacts later on in the game.

The Last Oricru offers challenging gameplay to Soulsbourne lovers who enjoy solo play, while also giving fans of cooperative gameplay a different kind of experience. The Last Oricru supports both online and couch co-op.

Getting to see how The Last Oricru has progressed over the year has left us wanting to play more and we can’t wait until the game releases early next month.

Mato Anomalies

Mato Anomalies Preview

So I will be honest, our doing Mato Anomalies preview made it feel as if developers previously worked on Persona. Most of the game’s dialog was text-based meaning we had to read a lot. During the demo, we were tasked with hacking the mind of a hostage. In order to hack the mind, we played a card game to attack the different areas.

With no official release date, we look forward to seeing how Mato Anomalies progresses.

With The Last Oricu less than a month away from release, we recommend checking it out. As for Mato Anomalies, we hope to see the game in the near future and maybe not be lured to sleep by its relaxing tones. What do you think of these two games? Will you check them out or wait for more information on them?

The Last Oricru is set to release on October 13th, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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