Mastiff is publishing RUINSMAGUS, a new anime-themed VR ARPG

Mastiff is publishing RUINSMAGUS

Mastiff is publishing RUINSMAGUS, the new anime-themed VR ARPG by CharacterBank.

While Mastiff is publishing RUINSMAGUS, the virtual reality action RPG is now on track for a spring 2022 release on Windows PC (via Steam and Meta Quest).

“With RUINSMAGUS, our goal is to welcome gamers to a jaw-dropping virtual fantasy world unlike anything else in VR,” said CharacterBank president Shuto Mikami. “We’re delighted to partner with an experienced publisher in Mastiff to share RUINSMAGUS with the world. Thanks to our joint efforts, we’ll be able to devote more time to the project to deliver a mind-blowing VR experience.”

“CharacterBank has the creativity, passion, and technology to create beautiful, compelling worlds that make for immersive gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy.” said Mastiff CEO Bill Swartz. “We’re thrilled to be working with CharacterBank and are honored to help deliver these experiences to the world.”

In case you missed it, you can find an older trailer for the game here in our previous report.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

RUINSMAGUS sets out on a quest to redefine the action RPG genre with a beautiful, anime-inspired fantasy world brought to life through immersive VR mechanics and perfectly-tuned Oculus Touch controls. An engrossing narrative, a heartwarming musical score, and well-known Japanese voice actors add to the game’s depth – making RUINSMAGUS a truly magical experience.

In RUINSMAGUS, you will take on the role of a novice in the magical arts who is sent to investigate the abandoned ruins below the prosperous town of Grand Amnis. The town’s wealth depends largely on artifacts hidden deep within the ruins, protected by powerful Guardians. Faced with a daunting challenge, you must answer the question that haunts each and every one of your fellow citizens: What mysteries lurk beneath the gilded streets and corners of Grand Amnis?

As a member of the renowned RUINSMAGUS Guild, your goal is to help strengthen it with magic, resources – and wisdom! – as you fulfill more than 25 unique, story-driven quests assigned to you. Face off against guardians tasked with protecting the ruins from intruders – and solve deadly puzzles to advance the story. When you’ve successfully completed a quest, head to the surface to acquire new items and upgrade your equipment in town – if you want to live another day, that is!

Effortlessly cast spells with a gauntlet using your right hand, defend with a shield with your left – or use blink (a short-range teleportation move). There are 14 unique types of magic available in RUINSMAGUS in three major categories: Charge Magic, Skill Magic, and Special Deadly Magic. The game also features 9 armor, gauntlet, and shield types – and 13 items (including potions, injections, and grenades).

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