Massive “Invasion” Update Now Available for Co-op Alien Shooter Earthfall

Holospark’s co-op alien slaughterfest Earthfall has just received a massive update.

The update, called “Invasion,” has been in development for many months now, and its the largest update the game has received since it came out back in July. Holospark hired Formosa Group, a company that does audio and sound design for big budget movies, TV shows, and AAA games, to completely redo the sound effects for every single weapon in the game.

On the gameplay front, the update adds the titular Invasion Mode, a variant of your typical Horde Mode where players level up their characters between waves. There’s also four new maps, new perks, and new special abilities. Finally, the progression system has been heavily retooled, and there are tons of new cosmetics, like weapon skins, costumes, gun charms, and more. You can check out the launch trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the update:

We are serious about supporting Earthfall! With the upcoming Invasion Update coming out later month we will be adding Player Progression, Player Perks & Skills, Invasion Mode which is our twist on horde mode, new player skins, and outfits. But we didn’t stop there, we wanted to take Earthfall to the next level, specifically in the weapon audio. So we asked around and search and found what we think is the best sound design team in the world, Formosa Group. It is hard to argue based on their work which spans across games, movies and television including Uncharted, God of War, Mass Effect, John Wick 1, 2 and the upcoming 3, Deadpool 2, Blade Runner 2049 and Game of Thrones.

We are constantly looking to take Earthfall to the next level and in the upcoming Invasion Update, players will get an entirely new weapon audio.

The team at Formosa Interactive took on the task to take the Earthfall weapon audio to the next level with Academy Award-nominated Alan Rankin taking charge with the weapons. His background in game audio goes all the way back to working on Quake 2 and a huge gamer himself!

We also wanted to give you a tease of the new Invasion mode, which is our twist on horde mode. Survive each wave and set up traps to help you survive a little longer. We will be talking more about Invasion mode very soon!

Each and every day we continue to take Earthfall to the next level and we are excited for you to get your hands on the upcoming Invasion Update later this month. We continue to listen to what the community wants out of Earthfall moving forward and always open to your feedback. Thanks for the continued support and go kill some aliens!

Earthfall is now available on Windows PC (via Steam and the Humble Store), PS4, and Xbox One for $29.99. The Steam version is currently 70% off as part of the Halloween Sale.



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