Mary Skelter Finale Announced, Launches August 27 in Japan for PS4 and Switch

Mary Skelter Finale

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Compile Hearts have announced dungeon crawling RPG Mary Skelter Finale for Japan.

The third game in the Mary Skelter series (aside from the spin-off Love Prison Mary Skelter), the game will also (according to the official website), provide an “ADV Mode” to “watch the stories of all series.” (Translation: Google Translate). It seems the spin-off Love Prison Mary Skelter will also be playable.

The Blood Maidens have finally escaped The Jail (a living prison) thanks to Jack- only to be confronted by “Execution Maidens,” surrounded by dead bodies. Now as hope is all but lost, the girls attempt to escape Earth itself, and head towards a disgusting tower made of flesh, floating high in the sky.

The game sees the return of Jack, Clara, and Red Hood, along with new characters such as Mary and Zyu. According to RPG Site (though we must emphasize we cannot find translations akin to this on the game’s official website), each of these are a main character, accompanied by two other characters.

This is due to the group being split-up due by Genocide Pink (a group of Execution Maidens). Through the Zapping System however, players can switch between the leader of each group in real time. Whether this means players control multiple groups in different parts of the dungeon, or one party can be swapped out for another in its current location is unknown.

You can find the full run-down on the characters (via RPG Site) below.

Editor’s Note: RPG Site refers to Execution Maidens as Scaffold Maidens. The literal translation of the phrase is “Execution Table Girls”. The website does not list a profile for Burning Stake either.

  • Jack (voiced by Kodai Sakai)
    A boy who lived as an inmate together with Alice. His encounter with the Blood Maidens also gave a revelation that he is the sole Blood Juvenile, so he now fights together with them. He used to be a timid boy, but he had succeeded in prison breaks twice, so he no longer loses his cool under a dilemma. His soul has even grown up to be strong and kind-hearted that he’s not even reluctant to sacrifice himself for his friends’ sake.
    Jack will be accompanied by Otsuu and Little Mermaid after the entire group was scattered by Genocide Pink.


  • Clara (voiced by Yui Nakajima)
    A girl who used to assist the weapon producer Hal in the underground free district. Everyone would like her bright and brave personality, but she also has a flaw at being fussy. Although she is an ordinary girl who has no strength to fight, she will think and act with utmost effort to open up the path.
    Clara will be accompanied by Hameln and Gretel after the entire group was scattered by Genocide Pink.


  • Zyu
    A boy totally shrouded in mystery, who also lost his memory. With a calm personality that emphasizes rationality, he would even behave coldheartedly for his objective’s sake. He acts only by relying on his memory fragments such as “I am a Prison Tower and a Blood Juvenile” and “I must find my precious wife”.
    Zyu will be accompanied by Snow White and Kaguya after the entire group was scattered by Genocide Pink.


  • Red Hood (voiced by Rumi Okubo)
    A girl who moves her body first before thinking. As she is the oldest, she gathers the Blood Maidens like an elder sister. However, the fact that her real father was the Jail’s mastermind dropped a dark shadow in her heart. While she normally behaves in a bright mood, she has no confidence on herself deep inside.
    Red Hood will regroup with Thumbelina and Cinderella after the entire group was scattered by Genocide Pink.


  • Mary
    Although she had always lived in the same free district as Jack and Alice, she spent her time alone because her presence was so thin that nobody ever recognized her. But she prefers that solitude and lives with an unexpectedly positive mood as she scrubs a match and looking at the illusion while grinning all by herself.
    After the entire group was scattered by Genocide Pink, Mary will be accompanied by Alice and Charlotte. The latter is a mysterious woman who also lived in the same district. She somehow knows about Jack and the Blood Maidens, and even the secrets and truths only known to them as well. Although she understands that she’s a Blood Maiden, she chose to live in the shadows with Mary instead of joining Dawn.
    Mary has a special attitude towards Charlotte, the only person who noticed her and gave her the current name. Although Mary may sometimes act rebellious, she shows a deep affection towards Charlotte


  • Burning Stake [not pictured in gallery/website]
    The youngest sister from a group of scaffold maidens known as Genocide Pink, which serves as the villains in this title. She has a bad personality: selfish, brazen, bad-mouthed, very jealous, and pretends to be tough. She holds a desire to burn people on stakes.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

Mary Skelter Finale launches August 27th in Japan, for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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