Marvel’s Avengers War Table Livestream, M.O.D.O.K., AIM, Co-Op War Zones, and More

Square Enix have revealed more information about Marvel’s Avengers during their War Table livestream.

After the events of A-Day; where a Shield Aircraft Carrier crashes into the Francisco Bay, devastating the city and unleashing a terragen mist, politicians moved to ban the Avengers.

In its midst, AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) took charge in finding a “cure” for those given powers by the mist (Inhumans), and protecting the city with Adaptoid machines.The Adaptoids gain their powers through “harvested” Inhumans.

The group is lead by Dr. George Tarelton, the man who would later become M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing).

Here, Tarleton was affected by the mist, granting him the ability to control machines with his mind. He even taunts the Avengers as they fight his forces, presumebly through his robotic forces’ speakers. “I am everywhere.”

Avengers fan Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) had suspicions against AIM, thinking they may have even been behind A-Day. She now seek to reunite them and eventually build a resistance movement.

New gameplay was shown (the Mission “Once An Avenger”) of the Avengers reuniting as AIM attempt to re-launch the fallen airship (the Chimera). While fighting valiantly against hordes of robots, the local media think the Avengers are the aggressors.

Combat involves stringing together light, heavy, and signature attacks. Players can also unlock new skills via experience for melee, ranged, ground, and aerial combat. Some skills also modify existing moves.

For example, Thor can mark multiple foes before unleashing his hammer to strike each in turn (much like the boomerang in the 3D The Legend of Zelda games).

The presentation also alluded to gear, perks, artifacts, and “later game progression.” Gear and perks offers further customization, and even special effects. These can include damage types, or even status effects like shrinking a foe.

Each hero also has three Heroic Moves; Assault, Ultimate, and Support. These are based on the signature moves from the comics and movies. Assault charges the fastest (through normal combos), and can even be used multiple times with enough charges.

Support abilities are primarily designed for co-op, such as Thor granting his allies temporary invulnerability. Some larger enemies will also have a stun meter. When this is filled, players can execute a team finisher to defeat them quicker.

Depending which faction you complete a mission for (such as SHIELD or the Inhuman Alliance), players will unlock more vendors, and challenges.

Each hero will also have dozen of costumes based on classic costumes from comics. These are unlocked through completing missions, and deciphering patterns found in levels. “Iconic Costumes” are earned through completing “Iconic Mission Chains.”

Some costumes will only be available through the game’s Online Marketplace. Players can also unlock various emotes and name-plates for their account online.

War Zones are co-op missions for up to four players or with AI companions using the player’s leveled up heroes. These can take place in wide maps designed to be explored, or more enclosed dungeons. All of the game’s missions are part of the story mode, and task players with defeating bosses, enemies, and multiple objectives.

The Hulk Buster will also appear in the game. We also believe we briefly see the Abomination (a Hulk enemy) at 2:02 and  24:16. Though this could also be an unnamed “generic” enemy with super-powers. We believe the person we see at 1:01 is Tarleton mid-way through his transformation into M.O.D.O.K.

At a later date, more information will be revealed about a post-launch hero, the game’s upcoming beta, and the game’s launch.

You can find the entire War Table livestream and individual trailers below.

Marvel’s Avengers is launches September 4th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia; and Holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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