Marvelous Reveals Net High, a PS Vita Game Where You Search for Impostors on the Internet

net high 05-19-15-1

This week’s Famitsu has given us a small preview for an interesting new title from Marvelous, dubbed simply Net High.

The game is currently in development for Playstation Vita, and it’s described as an adventure game in which you, an internet user, go around looking for “fake” or “impostor” people.

The gist of the game involves the freelancer protagonist, Enshi, who goes by the alias of “Mr. Me,” as he goes around town in an attempt to expose the lies of why certain individuals simply refuse to go online, or who fake their lives on the internet.

Is it truly because they’re satisfied with their real life, or is there a deeper secret, or are they simply lying altogether?

A release date was not confirmed, but we’ll keep you guys posted.



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