Mark of the Old Ones: Not Just Another Rope Game

An ancient metropolis lies deep within the mountain called Namaset. This colony was created by the eternal being, Kraal.  The city has been shunned for years for the grim throne he sat upon and now the metropolis has been banished for eons due to a grudge forged by love.   Now, Mogal has to try to make up from all the mistakes in the past to save Namaset.

Mark of the Old Ones is a metroidvanian game inspired by classics, such as Metroid and Zelda.  Hit the Sticks takes these games and adds a modern inverse kinematic animation.  The game promises to give you the ability to explore and interact with the world like no other game has before.

mark of the old ones 4-23-2014 tenticles

Mark of the Old Ones says it is not just another rope game.  They want the analog sticks to feel so natural in fluent to the moves of Mogal that it feels you are the character itself.

The push and pull animations, if you can imagine, will be like a jelly fish.  If something seems to be too heavy than the character will shift and create more mass, making it strong enough to move the object.  Also, you will be able to upgrade your abilities in ways like creating more thrust, swing higher and further, or slow time down to see further into the map.

Hit the Sticks is still early in the development stages, but say they have the hard work done.  The game has amazing concept art, some gameplay videos, and over one hundred puzzles already created.

mark of the old ones 4-23-2014 concept

Mark of the Old Ones is currently on kickstarter until Thursday May 8th.  Hot the Sticks plan to release the game on Windows, OSX, and Linux, with hopes of getting onto the PS4.  Check them out on kickstarter, or visit their official site.

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