Mexican metroidvania game Mariachi Legends hits Kickstarter

Mariachi Legends

Publisher Freedom Games and indie developer Halberd Studios’ next game is Mariachi Legends, their ambitious and stunning new metroidvania game overflowing with latino themes and folklore.

Mariachi Legends is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), and the team is seeking funding to finish the game on Kickstarter but it already blasted past its funding goal of $50,000, earning double that at the time of writing.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Mariachi Legends is a combat-oriented Metroidvania set in the heart of Mexico. A violent gang known as the Mariachi Legends threaten the town of Santa Mascota. You play as Pablo Cruz, a detective who has agreed to a deal with Death herself.

She has given Pablo the ability to transform into the mighty La Sombra, allowing him to fight back against the criminals encroaching on his hometown. In return, Pablo has vowed to bring Lady Death the one thing that has eluded her grasp: the man who defied her power and became immortal.

Embark on a journey fraught with dark twists and supernatural obstacles! Sharpen your skills (and your sword) as you fight your way across Mexico and scour every corner of the map until you find your prey.


  • Fight the Mariachi Legends. Enjoy fast-paced combat that will test your reflexes and combat skills. Explore how different combos can produce different results. Master your reflexes as enemies send all kinds of attacks your way. Choose between an array of sub-weapons to find the one that better suits your current match.
  • Have Your Fortune Told. Spice things up by experimenting with different Tarot cards: nuanced “gifts” that Lady Death herself will read to you, providing extra blessings or cheeky misfortunes; you can’t really tell with her! If you face a rather nasty fortune, try swapping them up… for a price.
  • Discover The Mexican Afterlife. Dive into the ancient folklore that inspired the sub-weapons. Equip and upgrade weapons, abilities, and armor, and learn how to use La Espada de Animas, a mighty sword able to summon the power of a different weapon by exchanging its core.
  • Explore Santa Mascota. Enjoy the stunning views of a colorful Mexican landscape across non-linear levels in beautiful pixel art. Experience both the beauty of the town by day, its vibrant colors and sounds, and the terrors held by night in the company of the tunes of a mariachi-inspired soundtrack.
  • Taste the Tradition. Discover the tasty diversity of Mexican cuisine, cooking traditional meals to enhance your powers. Find recipes to experience the spiciness of Pozole, the complexity of Mole, and the undeniable delight of Tacos al Pastor.
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