MapleStory 2 Will Update to Speed Up Player Progress, Next Expansion Coming Summer 2019

Nexon has announced some new updates for MapleStory 2 alongside a new expansion for the MMORPG.

Speaking via the game’s producer blog, Jungsoo Lee talked up the major changes made to the game, as well as the lessons they had learned.

“When we were making the above changes to create a better MapleStory 2 for the global audience, there were a few areas we felt could do better. As we have discussed, we are always reviewing feedback and constructive discussions that players share with us. We want to tell you that we recognize that there is feedback around the random aspect of progression combined with the content cap, and we have an opportunity here to improve the game.

We are not guaranteeing any action at this time, meaning this blog is not meant to say we are removing random aspect or removing the content cap. However we want to share with everyone that we understand this feedback, and we are discussing different ideas to ensure players are always making progress when they invest time into the game.

Another thing we have learned is that we must be more thorough. Speed is very important, and during the first two months the team here was focused on making changes with a fast turnaround. But some of the solutions were not permanent fixes, and were closer to a Band-Aid solution, and sometimes these temporary fixes had unexpected side effects. Thus, going forward our philosophy will be to take more time to thoroughly review our options and come up with better solutions.”

Lee then explained on Nexon’s plans for MapleStory 2 in 2019, but did not delve into much detail.

Along with changes to some existing content and adding new content in smaller updates, the studio “We will be discussing key improvement ideas starting in January. A few ideas are getting locked in now, but they require more review to ensure the changes will be effective.”

In addition, “While we are working on the changes, we will also be running events to help players make faster progress with the current systems and structures.” Further, the game’s currently slated January update will proceed on schedule.

Finally, he stated the game’s next expansion would be coming in Summer 2019. The game’s prior “Skybound” update came out in October of this year.

MapleStory 2 is available now on Windows PC.

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