Manufactured Outrage Falsely Claims New Ending in Catherine: Full Body is Transphobic

In yet another case of regressive internet dwellers that don’t play video games yet love criticizing and talking about them, a new controversy has been stirring for Atlus’ upcoming enhanced port, Catherine: Full Body, which just released in Japan.

Editor’s Note: This article contains massive spoilers, so if you want to enjoy the game fully when it comes to western shores this fall – go back to reading something else on our site.

A character in the game, Erica, is a male-to-female post-transition waitress for the Stray Sheep, the bar in which protagonist Vincent and crew regularly meet up at to drink their troubles away. A new ending in the Full Body version of the game shows Erica pre-transition.

The setup for the ending is Vincent pining for Catherine again, ringing up the Stray Sheep bartender to get ahold of her, and they promptly meet up and make up. Vincent, aware of Catherine’s true nature, says he wishes they could have met some other way.

Catherine then transports them to the past (or another reality, who knows at this point) where Erica hasn’t transitioned yet, when they’re all still in high school. This is purely a flashback to show how various characters looked back in high school.

Here’s where the confusion (or willful ignorance) is happening: Catherine literally changed reality (or the past) so that she could go to high school with Vincent and end up becoming his sweetheart (instead of Katherine). The ending then fast forwards “several years later” to the “Stray Sheep” era, where Vincent marries her.

As the newlywed couple looks positively blissful and near angelic, Toby says “She’s just like an angel, I don’t think I can find anyone like her” when gazing at them. Then, Eric puts his arm around Toby and says “She may be closer than you think.”

In the original Catherine release timeline, Vincent is 32, putting the events of that story 14 years or so after they graduate high school. This means Eric could still transition after this ending, and probably will considering he heavily suggested it to Toby.

That’s it. There is absolutely no suggestion that Erica was shown off as a man and that she’s better that way, nor was there any suggestion that Catherine changed everything to make everyone happy. Anyone suggesting this happens in this ending is lying and trying to create outrage.

Catherine: Full Body will launch on September 3rd in both the Americas and in Europe.

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