Manga artist Hinako Ashihara found dead after criticizing TV adaptation of her work

Sexy Tanaka-san

Manga artist Hinako Ashihara was found dead at her home on January 29, reportedly with a suicide note.

Her death comes just days after she publicly criticized Nippon TV’s adaptation of her work Sexy Tanaka-san, a story about an office lady with a night-time hobby of belly dancing. Ashihara was reportedly protective of her work and sought assurances from Nippon TV and others who would work on the show.

Nippon TV originally appeared to agree with her conditions, namely that any changes from the manga be run by her, and that she be allowed to create the ending since the manga itself isn’t finished.

Ashihara’s displeasure with how her work was being handled led to her writing the last two episodes of the Sexy Tanaka-san TV drama herself. Between this and her comments, there appeared to be bad feelings between Ashihara, Nippon TV, and the scriptwriter for episodes 1-8: Tomoko Aizawa.

Eventually, Ashihara would make a blog post (since deleted) expressing her frustration about the process of working with Nippon TV. She would later apologize for this post after allegedly being accused of insulting the production staff at Nippon TV with her comments. This was the last anyone heard from her until she was reported missing on January 28 and found a day later.

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