Mythical Pokemon Manaphy Available to Early Adopters of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Manaphy

Early adopters of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be able to obtain the mythical Pokemon Manaphy.

The last few mainline Pokemon games have introduced special Pokemon that can be obtained for a limited time when the game initially launches. As stated on the games’ official website, those who use the Mystery Gift option to connect to the internet before February 21, 2022 (without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription) will obtain a Manaphy.

Players could first obtain it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl via a special code inputted into Pokemon Ranger. This allowed players to earn an Egg, which could be transferred into any Generation Four mainline Pokemon game. Since then it had only been available via special events.

The sea-angel like Pokemon is almost entirely made of water, born on the sea floor. Yet, it has a power that allows it to bond with any other Pokemon. Its signature move Heart Swap, capable of switching the souls of humans and Pokemon alike. In the games, this merely swaps stat changes of itself and its target.

Unlike other Mythical Pokemon, Manaphy can breed. But rather than produce other Manaphy, it produces a Phione, a creature that prefers warmer waters to the icy depths Manaphy lives in. Nonetheless, it always tries to return to where it was born.

Other early adopter bonuses (still called pre-order bonuses, but applicable until February 21, 2022)  depend on what is purchased. Those who download the games digitally will get 12 Quick Balls, a Pokeball that works best when thrown on the first turn.

Those who buy the games’ Double Pack will gain 200 Pokeballs- via two codes for 100 balls each. Therefore, those who buy the Digital Double Pack will have all of the above.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl launches November 19th on Nintendo Switch.

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