Man Invades Live German Game Show Demanding Grand Theft Auto VI Info

Grand Theft Auto VI Man Invades Game Show

A man invaded a live TV game show to demand news on Grand Theft Auto VI; currently unannounced and only rumored to be in development.

Amid rumors of remakes, remasters, and sequels, a leaker and Bloomberg and former Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier corroborated that we would not see Grand Theft Auto VI until 2023. The wait seemed to be too long for at least one man.

PC Gamer reports that on German TV game show Beat the Star, a member of the audience leapt onto the stage. Live on TV, he demanded to know where Grand Theft Auto VI was. Whether seeking his five minutes of fame, or a genuine fan with something to get off his chest; host Alexander “Elton” Duszat seemed to humor him until security arrived.

You can find the video and translated transcript (via PC Gamer) below.

Wenn du echt kein Bock mehr hast auf GTA6 zu warten und ins Deutsche TV gehst from de

Man: I wish you a beautiful day, my name is Asa(?). What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting eight years for GTA 6!

Elton: GTA 6? I’ll be there.

Asa: Yeah exactly, shout that into the camera!

Evelyn Burdecki: I must say you gave me a bit of a fright.

Elton: GTA 6? I have no responsibility for that, the programs have to…

Evelyn Burdecki: Isn’t this a videogame?

Asa: Exactly, GTA 6!

Evelyn Burdecki: I didn’t know that

Asa: Please send a message. Shout into the camera “Where is GTA 6?”

Elton: No I don’t have to do that, I haven’t even finished GTA 5 yet.

Asa: Well some day, some day!

Elton: Did Take-Two pay this guy or whoever makes the game?

Surprisingly the host knew of Take-Two Interactive; the parent company for publisher Rockstar Games.

Do you agree with Elton that this could be a PR stunt? Was this the act of a man desperate to know more about a game he wanted, or wanted to get on TV? What sequels would you go this far to get news about? Sound off in the comments below!



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