Man at Arms Crafts the Honedge Pokemon

man at arms honedge

This may be the closest you can get to owning an actual Pokemon, although this does still fall short of having the sword possessed and have sentience. Regardless of the closeness to a real Pokemon, blacksmith Tony Swatton is at it again, this time creating the Pokemon Honedge, from Pokemon X and Y.

The actual description for Honedge within the games is that of a spirit (not specific to human pokemon) recently departing and possessing a sword. Thus, Honedge is born, a deadly sword that drains the life force of any human being that dares to wield it.

Check out Tony creating his latest masterpiece below:

Man at Arms is an ongoing series via his Youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe if you’re curious of what he’ll be working on next. Generally, the most popular weapons (as voted by his fans) are the ones that get picked and recreated in real life.

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