Mamorukun Curse! getting modern re-release on PC and consoles

Mamorukun Curse!

Japanese developer City Connection and G.rev have announced modern ports for Mamorukun Curse! on PC and consoles.

Mamorukun Curse! is coming to Xbox consoles, Switch, PS5, and Windows PC (via Steam) sometime next year. New features and content include:

  • Costume DLC included
  • Fururu’s Challenges / Nowa’s Challenges additional stage DLC included
  • New songs added! (Boosted) composed by Yosuke Yasui himself!
  • Story mode overhauled! Widened to 16:9 screen, just like the Underworld Action Mode!

The game puts a twist on classic shoot ’em up gameplay in that players control titular protagonist Mamoru from an overhead perspective. Instead of forced scrolling like most shmups, this game only moves as the player moves.

The curse part of the game’s title derives from the special “curse bomb” attack, which has a dedicated button from the regular shoot attack. The bombs can be used to destroy bullets like other shooters but also to “curse” them, making them more powerful but getting players more points for a higher score.

Originally released back in 2008 for Japanese arcades, it was later ported to Xbox 360 in 2009 and later in 2011 for PlayStation 3. Only the PS3 version has been released overseas, so this is the first time the shoot ’em up will be on western Xbox, PC, and Switch.

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