Mount & Blade inspired game Mainland announced

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Indie developer AddRaiser has announced Mainland, a title inspired by the classic medieval RPG franchise, Mount & Blade.

Adding onto their inspiration, the developers will include up to 4 player co-op so that friends can team up as they explore and fight across the land.

Here’s a rundown of the game, plus announcement trailer:

Experience the epic thrill of medieval warfare and the camaraderie of shared conquest in Mainland, a groundbreaking multiplayer action role-playing game that takes inspiration from the Mount & Blade series and adds an exciting cooperative twist up to 4 players.

Prepare for a cooperative conquest like no other. Rally your allies, lead your forces to victory, and carve your name into the annals of history in Mainland. Are you ready to conquer the medieval world together?


  • Forge unbreakable alliances or fight other players: Rally your friends or team up with other players in a seamless cooperative multiplayer experience. Build your own band of warriors, each with unique skills and abilities. Plan and execute strategies together in massive battles that test your teamwork and leadership.
  • Conquer the Medieval World:Immerse yourself in a sprawling, realistic medieval world filled with kingdoms, castles, and villages. Choose your path: serve a lord, establish your own kingdom, or become a feared warlord. Engage in epic sieges, skirmishes, and large-scale battles that will leave your mark on the realm.
  • Realistic Combat Mechanics: Experience the visceral thrill of real-time combat with a dynamic and physics-based system. Master an array of medieval weapons, from swords and shields to bows and siege engines. Utilize advanced tactics to outsmart your foes, or take to the field and lead your troops into the heart of the battle.
  • A World of Opportunity: Trade goods, participate in tournaments, and complete quests to enhance your character and your warband. Become a renowned merchant, a tournament champion, or even a renowned outlaw. Shape your character’s destiny in a world full of choices, where every decision has consequences.
  • Deep Political Intrigue: Navigate the complex web of medieval politics and diplomacy. Forge alliances and rivalries with various factions, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Influence the fate of kingdoms and take your place among the realm’s most influential figures.

Mainland is set to launch sometime in 2024 for PC (via Steam).



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