Maglam Lord Launches March 18 in Japan for PS4 and Switch

Maglam Lord

D3 Publisher and developer Felistella have announced the release date of action RPG and dating sim Maglam Lord.

Famitsu reports (translation: DeepL) the game will launch March 18th in Japan for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game was previously slated for Winter 2020.

Famitsu’s upcoming print edition will also include an interview with Kei Miyakozuki (world setting and scenario, previous works including Summon Night 5) and Lack (character designer and illustrator, previous works including Fate/Grand Order).

As previously reported, players control Kill Rezark (also known as Kill of the Blade) a powerful demon lord who has lost their power over time. Thanks to his or her prior actions (Players can choose what gender Kill is) gods and demons alike want their head. To regain their strength, they must forge the Devil Sword- while also looking for a spouse from the partners you fight alongside.

You can find the full rundown (via the official Japanese website [translation: RPG Site and Google Translate, adjusted]) below.


Endangered Species Devil Lord x Marriage Hunting = Devil Sword-Creating Action RPG

The protagonist used to be known as the deadliest devil. But when you wake up from your long slumber, you are somehow being labeled as an “Endangered Species”!?
Aiming for your glorious return, the MAGLAM LORD will fight with allies while crafting the Devil Sword.
In order to avoid your extinction, you can also do a “Marriage Hunting”…?


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Image: Maglam Lord official website

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