Magic RPG WitchSpring R is now available on Steam

WitchSpring R

Players can step into the magical world of WitchSpring R right now.

WitchSpring R is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). There is currently no release date for the game’s console versions.

You can view the announcement and release trailer below:

“WitchSpring R” is an exciting new stand-alone RPG game, that follows the adventures of Pieberry, the beloved protagonist from the “WitchSpring” series. Raised alone in the forest, Pieberry must work tirelessly each day to train, gather resources, craft magical items, and capture animal companions to survive in a world where the Pope and warriors hunt witches. But one fateful day, after eating a pie that awakens her long-forgotten memories, Pieberry decides to leave the forest and embark on a journey to discover her true purpose in life. Along the way, she meets a cast of allies and foes alike, all while overcoming incredible challenges and obstacles.

Game Features

In addition to exquisite character drawing and lovely, diverse character design, the work focuses on three main game aspects: growth, collection and crafting, and story-driven exploration.

1.Fun and multi-dimensional character progression gameplay. Drawing on the Witch Training System of the previous Witch Spring games, this game offers players greater flexibility in determining their character’s attribute development through a range of daily training. Moreover, players can nourish their wand with different resources, shaping the spell’s growth trajectory and unlocking a wide range of magical abilities. Pieberry even gets to learn swordsmanship at the later stages of the game!

2. Abundant collectibles, magical elements, and beast companions which you can capture on the map. In the lush continent of Vavelia, players can easily collect various resources scattered throughout the map. These resources can be utilized as auxiliary items, combined with different magical elements, or serve as essential ingredients needed to capture pets. With over 20 different kinds of companions available in the game, some can become helpful allies in battle while others can aid players in traveling across specific terrains.

3.Experience an extraordinary storyline with the professional Japanese and Korean dubbing of “WitchSpring R”! With thousands of dialogues, the game’s main story takes more than 20 hours to complete, offering players a truly immersive adventure. Throughout this journey, voice actors bring the characters to life and add depth to the plot. You’ll hear their voices every step of the way, adding to the game’s vividness and making it unforgettable.

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