Japanese bullet hell multiplayer game MAGIC CHAOS launches in March


Publisher Phoenixx and developer SUPER STARMINE have announced a release date for MAGIC CHAOS, their new bullet hell multiplayer game.

MAGIC CHAOS is launching for Windows PC (via Steam) on March 8th.

“The bullet hell genre has been known for its difficulty, but our love for online multiplayer led us to create a unique take on the genre,” says Machicoh, head of SUPER STARMINE. “Magic Chaos is a blast to play, and is surprisingly deep with many different strategies. We look forward to seeing the metagame develop at launch”.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Blast barrages of bullets at buddies in a chaotic entertaining experience for up to four players. Pick between eight cute-but-deadly heroines with distinct magical abilities, and engage in fast-paced twin-stick run-and-gun action across a variety of vibrant arenas. Remain the last girl standing in an easy-to-lean, hard-to-master multiplayer extravaganza where no battle is ever the same.

Inflict icy damage slowing opponents and summon a frozen wall to block incoming projectiles with Rabi, or use Zophie’s teleportation for surprise-attacks and enhanced bullet dodging. Use Showdown’s trickery to both weaken enemy firepower and strengthen her own moveset simultaneously, and unleash an overwhelming offensive onslaught with Necromance’s ability to double every projectile blast.

Make full use of each character’s unique abilities, main skills and swappable sub-skills to create a distinct fighting style. Strafe while unleashing slow-bullets to create a wall cutting off enemy movements, or opt for faster sniper bullets to unleash hard-to-dodge attacks. Employ spreading shotgun-like blasts or attack all directions at once with 360-degree cluster bombs.

Use anena obstacles as shields to create strategic cutoff points, corralling enemies into corners. Master movement between attacks and keep an eye on ability cooldowns, and unlock new characters, attack patterns, arenas with each victory.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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