Magic 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers Releases New Content Today


There are two rather large announcements today coming from the Magic gaming scene.

First up, the Magic 2015 game is for the first time available on a new generation console, the Xbox One. However, the Magic doesn’t stop there.

The new expansion for the 2015 version that was released today, Garruk’s Revenge, will also be available on the Xbox One, in addition to releasing on Steam, the Amazon Marketplace, the iTunes Store, and Google Play. (The Xbox version will be hitting soon. Hang tight.)

The new expansion will put players in Garruk Wildspeaker’s shoes as he trudges through four campaign levels and a new Explore level. Players will be fighting tons of opponents using Garruk’s deck, and figuring out how new exploits work as it becomes stronger and more corrupt through the campaign.

The expansion also adds fan-favorite cards from the Shards of Alara set, which are unlockable as you play the game. What’s more, with the new expansion, all cards that were available to players through the Hunt Bigger Game campaign are now all attainable through gameplay.

Prices will run you $4.99 for the new expansion, and $9.99 for the Hunt Bigger Game campaign.


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  1. Serprio
    November 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    As a heads up this update also removed the pay to win elements (ie card boosters that you could only get by spending real money). On steam (dunno about the other platforms) if you bought one of the premium boosters they gave the expansion for free. This also applies if you owned the previous game in the series. By owning magic 2014 on steam I got one of the premium boosters and therefore also got this expansion in 2015. The expansion itself is pretty cool too; a lot of the cards have mana fixing that allow for more deck variety. Also seems that since the premium boosters now can be unlocked through multiplayer wins the online is a bit more active.