Lunar: The Silver Star Story now available for smartphones

Lunar: The Silver Star Story

Japanese developer Game Arts has released Lunar: The Silver Star Story for smartphones, bringing the beloved JRPG classic to modern audiences.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story Touch is now available for Android (via Google Play) and iOS (via the App Store) worldwide. The smartphone version is based on Lunar: The Silver Star Story, generally considered the best version of the RPG and an all-time classic of the genre.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story is actually the first remake of Lunar: The Silver Star, only to be followed by two more remakes – the second in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance as Lunar Legend and the third in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony.

Developer Game Arts is bringing the their other beloved RPG series – Grandia HD Collection – to modern platforms, with the latest on Xbox and PlayStation this month, read more about that here. All of these classic RPG re-releases are making fans think Lunar is the next to be remastered and ported.

Here’s a rundown on the classic RPG’s smartphone release:

Long ago, a great Dragonmaster named Dyne, with the aid of his faithful companions, defended the goddess Althena from a terrible evil. Time has passed, and those great adventurers have become the stuff of legend, but the world of Lunar is now threatened by a shadowy figure known as the Magic Emperor. In a humble village, far removed from the turmoil, lives a young man named Alex.

Idolizing the legendary Dyne, Alex dreams of one day becoming a renowned Dragonmaster and matching the achievements of his lifelong hero. Encouraged by his childhood friend Ramus, Alex sets out with his companion Nall and his adopted sister Luna on a seemingly trivial quest, unaware that it would prove to be the first step in an epic adventure whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire world.


  • Nearly a full hour of animated cut scenes
  • A remastered soundtrack with high quality music and voice tracks
  • A completely updated interface designed specifically for mobile devices
  • Higher resolution artwork and widescreen gameplay
  • External controller support
  • Variable speed in battle and difficulty controls
  • And much more!


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