Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack Part 1 DLC Announced, Available April 30

Nintendo have announced multiplayer-based DLC for Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The official website and press release (via Business Wire) explain that while the singular piece of DLC is in two parts (and are both purchased when you purchase the Multiplayer Pack), both parts will arrive separately in 2020.

The first part of the DLC will include three new outfits for Luigi, each themed on a different floor of the hotel- a knight, a disco dancer, and a mummy. These costumes also unlock themed floors in the ScareScraper mode, along with new themed ghosts. Three new minigames will also come to the ScreamPark mode.

Those who purchase the DLC will also get the Flashlight Type-P. This flashlight can be used in both story mode (after the Gallery unlocked) and in ScareScraper mode to make your flashlight project the image of Polterpup.

Editor’s Note: Images via Nintendo

The first part of the DLC will launch April 30th, 2020. The second part (launching July 31st) will feature three more costumes for Luigi (along with matching floors and ghosts in the ScareScraper), and three more new mini-games for the ScreamPark mode.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch.



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