Low-poly sandbox RPG The Bloodline is announced for PC

The Bloodline

Morrowind-inspired sandbox RPG The Bloodline has been revealed to the world.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Indie publishing label HOOK is excited to announce a partnership with exciting new developer Shieldbearer Studios to release The Bloodline on Steam Early Access.

The Bloodline is a truly Freeform Sandbox RPG that puts players in the role of divine protectors of the fantasy land of Eudros… but it is up to players to decide whether they abide to that fate, because their journeys are not written in stone, but in blood.

A true Sandbox RPG, The Bloodline opens up the world to its players, inviting them to experiment with the game’s mechanics, setting and characters to shape their experience for their own unique playthrough.

The Bloodline has a lot of overworld events, ranging from goblin attacks to ghostly pirate ships raining fire from above, creating an open world that really feels alive.

The Bloodline is set to release October 5, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

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