Lovecraftian Multiplayer PvP Arena Game Brimstone Brawlers Enters Steam Early Access

Brimstone Brawlers

Ategig have announced their multiplayer PvP arena game Brimstone Brawlers has entered Steam Early Access.

As detailed in the press release, the game takes place in the Victiorian city of Brimstone- rife with influences from the industrial revolution and Lovecraft.

Players fight it out with one of 12 characters (including the Wraith, Plague Doctor, and Traveller) in eight arenas filled with hazards. Along with Free for All and Team Deathmatch (with stock variants), players can also play Bamball, where players are free to maim and kill while scoring goals.

The game’s roadmap indicates plans for a tutorial map, UI update, additional songs added to the soundtrack, dedicated servers, a Talent System, a co-operative game mode (“city wide scenario”), player profiles, cosmetic unlocks, match making, VFX and SFX Refactors, Leaderboards, Break the Targets game mode (with individual challenges for each brawler), Netcode update, and seasons or themed packs.

Three more characters and five more maps will also be added, along with a Circus Pack on full release with another map and character.

You can find the Early Access Launch trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Brimstone Brawlers

Brimstone Brawlers is a multiplayer PvP arena game with peculiar Brawlers set in a Lovecraft inspired fantasy victorian city.

The era of enlightenment that had once fuelled new innovations and scientific discoveries has now turned to a time of onslaught from a new industrial age. Grotesque scenes of supernatural happenings are emerging with glimpses of ghastly figures in the shadows, monsters roaming the streets and dark powers dwelling in the citadel. With the city on the brink of chaos, a cast of strange characters, each fuelled by their own motives, have taken to the streets and are ready to Brawl!


Choose from an initial cast of 12 Brawlers with unique abilities and playstyles, ranging from the soul-chasing Wraith to the explosives wielding Bomber to the Traveller that carries a suitcase around with a strange tentacle creature inside (or is that actually the Traveller?). With more strange and peculiar Brawlers coming in the future!

Players can stun, knockback or perform a variety of melee attacks or ranged skill shots to defeat their opponents. However, talented players will even be able to deflect projectiles out of the air and wisely unleash their ultimates to turn the tide of battle in their favour.


Set in a fantasy Lovecraftian steampunk world, brawls occur in a variety of dangerous hazard-filled arenas including building rooftops where you can knock off opponents to their demise to a station with running trains (protip: try not to get hit by them).

Skilled players will be able to use the environment to outplay their opponents through tactful skill usage while using the terrain and stage hazards to their advantage.

Local and Online Multiplayer

Play with up to four players locally with controllers or take your skills online in matches with up to eight players through peer-to-peer connections. Play with your Steam friends or join our Discord to find new opponents. See our roadmap link above for upcoming dedicated servers.

Game Modes

Brawl against players in a variety of different PvP modes including Free For All Deathmatch, Free For All Stock, Team Deathmatch and Team Stock. For a change of pace players can play the bonus mode Bamball, Brimstone’s violent take on football, where they can use their abilities to disrupt (or kill) their opponents before scoring the winning goal.


Awesome steampunk Victorian-era inspired soundtrack by Andy Gillion (solo artist, songwriter and lead guitarist of Mors Principium Est) provides the perfect atmosphere for any brawl.

Brimstone Brawlers is currently in early access on Windows PC (via Steam).

Image: Steam



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