Lost Judgment The Detective’s Toolkit English Gameplay Trailer

Lost Judgment

Sega have released a new English gameplay trailer for Lost Judgment, providing an overview of what players can do.

As previously reportedLost Judgment begins with the sentencing of Akhiro Ihara taking a shocking turn, as he admits to killing Hiro Mikushiba- who drove his son to suicide. Yet, evidence suggests it is impossible for him to have committed the crime.

As Ihara condemns the law as being broken, a high school is involved in a deadly investigation where stakes grow ever higher. As Takayuki Yagami investigates the case and goes under cover as a teacher; even he begins to question what justice means.

The new English gameplay trailer is the same as the Japanese one released a few days ago; but now provides more clarity on what players can do around Tokyo, Kamurocho and Yokohama, Isezaki Ijincho. These include Investigative Actions such as climbing on buildings or parkour while chasing subjects, to more subtly tailing them, infiltrating with stealth, and using disguises.

Players can also scope out locations in Search Mode to help find clues and plan escapes, and the trust camera to snap your subjects red-handed. However, players will also have access to slightly more spy-grade tech, such as a noise amp for distant conversations, and a signal detector to scope out suspicious tech.

The “Detective Dog” not only uses its keen nose to find what you’re looking for, but helps Yagami in fights despite its small size. Speaking of combat, the various fighting styles were shown in action, having been discussed during the game’s announcement.

Players can use the Crane fighting style against multiple foes, while Tiger is for more damage in one on one conflicts. Along with these two returning styles, Snake is being introduced. This style focuses on catching foes unawares, and striking them when they least expect it.

The major case also demands Yagami going undercover at a school as a student advisor. Players can help guide the young students from all walks of life, and help them in a variety of ways and activities. This is in addition to the numerous minigames available.

You can find The Detective’s Toolkit gameplay trailer below.

Lost Judgment launches worldwide September 24th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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