Hand-painted RPG Lost Hellden announced

Lost Hellden

Astria Ascending and Super Neptunia RPG developer Artisan Studios has announced Lost Hellden, a hand-painted RPG inspired by classic JRPGs.

The new RPG is being made by Artisan Studios – who are once again collaborating with veteran Japanese developers. This time they’ve added Takeshi Oga (Gravity Rush, Final Fantasy XIV, Siren) for illustrations and acclaimed composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Valkyria Chronicles, Tactics Ogre).

Lost Hellden is launching sometime in 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Lost Hellden is a unique hand painted JRPG from Artisan Studios.

Take control of 8 unique highly customizable characters through an epic mature story where the 7 Deadly Sins guide your fate.

Witness a new Deep 2D technology allowing you to play in 3D in hand painted artworks with dynamic lighting and weather.

Introducing a battle system mixing action and strategy to allow you to play the way you like.


On a planet called Era, people are bound to one of the Seven Deadly Sins before their first birthday via a religious ceremony called the Nexus Ritual. All their life, the inhabitants of Era have to fight against their urges. Should they fail and succumb, they transform into mindless and aggressive beasts. The Unio religion representatives – the Arkhons – ensure that everyone follows the rules and put down any monsters that appear in the cities.

One day, a woman gives birth to twins, something that never happened before. The Prime Arkhon, supreme leader of Era, conducts the Nexus Ritual himself. However, something goes wrong, and one baby is bound to all seven sins, while the other receives none.

The twins are taken to the capital, Avilah, where they are brought up as Arkhon apprentices. They are never allowed to leave the walls of the sanctuary…

But one day, Leht, the twin bound to the seven sins, manages to leave the city. His brother Cyphel is sent on a mission to find and bring him back. He is accompanied by two seasoned Arkhons, Gram and Enki.

The journey of Cyphel and Leht is one of self-discovery, one that will allow them to grow and become the people they were destined to be.


  • Cyphel FYRBRAND – Since Cyphel was not bound to any Sin during the Nexus Ritual, his childhood was significantly easier than his brother’s. He grew up to be a kindhearted, yet naive young man. Cyphel is usually obedient but he willingly follows Leht when he is up to some mischief.
  • Gram STONEHEIM – This strong woman taught the art of fighting to the twins. She can be harsh sometimes, especially with Leht, because she sees great potential in him. She is an Arkhon and works closely with Enki.
  • Enki TAILLEVENT – Enki is an Arkhon and a teacher to the twins. He is less strict than Gram, sometimes he can even be seen as lax. His kind demeanor and his sense of humor make him a great person to be around.


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