Lost Ark launches censored Artist class alongside March update

Lost Ark

Isometric ARPG Lost Ark confirmed its latest advanced class, the Artist, is coming alongside the March update.

The MMORPG will release its latest update on March 15th alongside the controversially censored Artist class – read more about how she was censored for western audiences.

You can read some more about the artist below:

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Artist Class will arrive in Arkesia accompanied by special progression events in the March “Art of War” Update. The Artist is capable of tactical versatility with illusion powers from her brush, and specializes in supporting her team.

With her magical brush and flowing ink, the Artist can either choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts by painting them. While the Artist’s attack power is on the low side, she is capable of providing strong support to allies, and rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers— making her a welcome member of any party.

The Artist is the first Advanced Class an entirely new class category; Specialists, who will have more than one appearance in 2023.

The artist will seemingly be able to choose between support and offense, being able to shield, heal and empower allies or choosing to do huge area-of-effect attacks.

Lost Ark is available for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review for the game here.

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