Lost Ark early access release time schedule announced

Lost Ark early access release time schedule

Publisher Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG have announced the Lost Ark early access release time schedule, as the MMO / ARPG nears its global western launch.

Here’s the Lost Ark early access release time schedule:


Pre-download will be available starting on Monday, February 7 at 9AM Pacific time (5PM UTC), regardless of whether or not you purchased a Founder’s Pack.

There is no option for pre-period character creation or name reservation; your name will be “reserved” or locked only when you finish the character customization screen.


Servers will open for Head Start access on Tuesday, February 8 at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC). You must purchase a Founder’s Pack to receive access to the 3-day Head Start. If you purchase a Founder’s Pack at any time during the Head Start, you will be able to play for the remainder of the Head Start period.


Servers for all regions will open for launch on Friday, February 11 at 9 AM Pacific (5PM UTC). Players will be able to play for free at this time!


Founder’s Packs will be available for purchase through 9AM Pacific time on February 11th. Steam customers will have their Founder’s Pack benefits auto-entitled for them. Amazon customers will automatically be sent a key for their Founder’s Pack on Monday, February 7, or (if purchasing after February 7th) immediately upon purchase confirmation between 9AM Pacific Time on February 7 and 9AM Pacific Time on February 11, which is when the account will be charged.

Founder’s Packs will be delivered to your account’s Roster Storage, and from here you will be able to obtain the contents and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. The Skins will only be usable on the 15 classes that are available at launch.



Server Reset Times (Daily, Weekly, Bosses, Events, etc.) are per Region. Daily and weekly resets will be done at 1AM (or 2AM, depending on Daylight Saving Time and the regional time where the server is located) or after any scheduled downtime is completed. Core content such as raids, dungeons, and PvP events will maintain the best local hours by applying the following times offset calculated from each region’s 0 hour.

  • NA West UTC-7

  • NA East UTC-4

  • Central Europe UTC+1

  • SA UTC-3

This means that a dungeon meant to open at 7PM on server time (UTC) will be open for US West 7 hours later to make it more playable/accessible for NA West players. The same goes for every region using the timings listed above.

It is also worth noting that the in-game UI will display server time, not a player’s local machine time. For example, NA West will display Pacific time for all players to reflect the server’s time.

Please note that after the game is launched, server reset times may be adjusted slightly to best fit player and server needs.

The Lost Ark western launch is set for February 11th, 2022 on Windows PC (via Steam). The free-to-play online action RPG was originally launched in Asia back in 2018.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat. Define your fighting style with your class and advanced class, and customize your skills, weapons, and gear to bring your might to bear as you fight against hordes of enemies, colossal bosses, and dark forces seeking the power of the Ark in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.

Discover a World Brimming with Adventure

Explore seven vast, varied continents and the seas between them to find vibrant cultures, strange and fantastical beasts, and all the unexpected marvels waiting to be discovered. Delve into the secrets of Arkesia, prove your might in battles and raids, compete against other players in PvP, travel to distant islands in search of hidden riches, face packs of enemies and colossal bosses in the open world, and more.

Your Odyssey Awaits

Splash into massively satisfying ARPG-style combat and progression as you quest, raid, and fight on the scope of an MMO. Whether you want to play solo, in groups with friends, or matched up with other adventurers in the world, there’s an epic adventure waiting for you. Fight in the open world or delve into chaos dungeons, go head-to-head in expert PvP duels, test your mettle on epic quests, raid against bosses big and small, and hold your own in the fight against the Demon Legion to reclaim the power and light of the Lost Ark.

Define Your Fight

Lost Ark offers easy-to-learn features with unexpected depth and room for customization. Hit the ground running with pick-up-and-play action then take control of your combat with the unique Tripod system. Unlock three tiers of customization for each of your abilities, giving you powerful control of exactly how you fight. Lost Ark’s ever-expanding roster of iconic classes—each with their own distinct advanced classes—offers plenty of room to explore until you find the combat style that’s just right for you.

The same goes for other features: as you continue your journey, you’ll find non-combat skills, crafting, guilds and social systems, and other rich features that bring the world alive. Whether you want to skim along the surface or dive deep into the details is up to you.

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