Lost Ark bots are still a problem, even after 1 million bots banned

Lost Ark bots are still a problem

Lost Ark bots are still a problem even after a recent large-scale purge of their userbase – publisher Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG announced.

“Last Friday we began rolling out bot bans, targeting over a million illegitimate accounts,” the companies said in a new update. “We know this will not fix the situation by itself and there are still bots present the game, so we want to provide reassurance that this was just one step in an ongoing battle.”

They added, “Following this initial massive ban wave, we are continuing to regularly roll out additional bans to clear out more bots from the game. Beyond that, we are also working on internal methods and tools to make it much more difficult for bots to enter the game, especially at the current rate they are being created. These updates will soon be on their way to the game.”

The developer said they heard player concerns on how these bots are manipulating the in-game economy, and noted “they are closely monitoring this situation.”

Furthermore, the team has changed the gold reward to silver for some Rapport and Guide Quest rewards, to further mitigate abuse by botters and gold farmers.

Just like other online games, buying in-game currency from those bots with real life money is prohibited by the terms of service agreement agreement for the game.

This is similar to another recently-launched and popular game, Elden Ring, where players risk getting banned by buying in-game currency from third parties.

To avoid risk of getting banned, Smilegate and Amazon note you should be weary of anyone you don’t know sending you gold or gifts with no warning.

Lost Ark has been very popular with its western release despite odd censorship decisions, yet it has been plagued with bots and spamming since its western servers went live.

Lost Ark was released in the west on February 11th, 2022 on Windows PC (via Steam). In case you missed it, you can find our review on the game here.

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