Lord of the Rings actor Bernard Hill dunks on Rings of Power, says he won’t watch it

Lord of the Rings

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has another actor from the original movies who won’t support it. Famed actor Bernard Hill, who played King Theoden in the original film trilogy, has publicly struck down the TV series.

Hill was interviewed by Metro on the Amazon series, where he bashed the new prequel adaptation as a “money-making venture.” When asked if he has watched the show, he confidently said “No, not interested.”

He added: “Good luck to them and all that stuff but it’s not like the real thing.” When asked if he thought the franchise would be better off if it was left as the original film trilogy, he said “Completely, yes.”

“I think they were pushing it when they made The Hobbit. The Hobbit’s a tiny book,” Hill said.

“They did it well – they did it really, really well. They expanded it [but] I think you can only stretch a piece of elastic so far. I think they managed it in The Hobbit because there were some really good things in The Hobbit without a doubt.”

Hill portrayed a legendary performance as King Theoden in both The Two Towers and the trilogy’s conclusion with Return of the King, where his acting further heightened the emotions and the battles. Hill is also known for his roles in Titanic, True Crime, and even voice acting like in Fable III.

Fellow actor from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy Viggo Mortensen was also not keen to support Amazon’s TV series, going so far as even questioning how they could produce it – and what source material they’d use.

Now that The Rings of Power concluded its first season, it’s moving onto production for its second season. Notably, seven new cast members are joining, and the orc leader Adar has been recast.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is now available exclusively via Amazon Prime Video.

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