Lola Returns in Hunie Pop 2, New Trans Character Polly Revealed, Delayed to 2019

Hunie Pot Studio released a video today, detailing information for upcoming puzzle-dating game, Hunie Pop 2.

Referencing Nintendo Directs, this “Hunie Direct” revealed several pieces of information.

First, Lola Rembrite is returning from the first game. Lola is now an entrepreneur, owning an apparel company. She still works for the airline part-time to meet with customers and clients from around the world.

The video also confirms that Hunie Pop 2 is a direct sequel to the first game. Not only do events take place two years after the first (Jessie and Lola both being two years older), but the protagonist is the same character, i.e. “You”.

In addition, the game is in a new location. From an “old college town” to tropical island Inna De Poona and its resort. A cruise ship, a hotel lobby, a beach, a swimming pool, and more are promised.

The game is now confirmed to be delayed until 2019 as a knock-on effect from delays on other projects. The video also promises more information on story, interaction, and “the new gameplay system” in the future.

The video closes out on a Q & A about the game and other games in the series:

  • Hunie Cam Studio is now official non-canon to the events of both Hunie Pop games.
  • The developers are looking into other platforms beyond PC and Mac.
  • The pricing of the game is unconfirmed, but it is stated to be “more than Hunie Pop” but “not outside the standard range for sexy waifu games on Steam”.
  • The game will be uncensored “If Valve’s current policy stands”. They state the Steam version will be uncensored and that the option to censor the game will be in the player’s hands.
  • Players will still be able to play as a man or woman.
  • Hunie Pop 2 will be fully voiced. Jessie and Lola’s original voice actresses shall be returning to the roles. Characters from Hunie Cam Studio are “potentially open to being recast, so we can be sure to have the best possible voice for each character.”
  • There will be more +18 content, and the game will “get to the good stuff” much quicker this time around.

Finally, in true Nintendo Direct style, a new character was revealed on closing. 32 year old Beauty Tuber Polly Bendleson. The video notes she is “the most requested style of character” the development team has ever had. She is “a classy and traditional lady who someday dreams of becoming the perfect housewife” and obsessed with girly things such as fashion and make-up. The narrator then excitedly informs the audience “also, she has a dick!” Speaking with the developer, Polly is confirmed as transgender

Hunie Pop 2 is coming to PC and Mac in 2019.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.