Localization Director for Capcom Aimed to Keep Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Meme Free

During his presentation on Game Developers Conference 2016 today, localization director Andrew Alfonso spoke a bit about his team efforts to translate games into Western audiences.

One of the games mentioned was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, released last year in February in the U.S. and Europe. He stated:

“I started thinking that I don’t want people picking up my games on release saying, ‘I like these in-style meme references,’ and then another player picking up the games four years later and thinking, ‘They referenced 300 — that sucks!'”

This point was later emphasized on his presentation, as tweeted by  game developer Brian Folley: “Don’t Drive To Meme Country”

This seems to be a current concern with Nintendo consumers and fans, which have criticized the disruptive inclusion of outdated and forced “meme culture” into recent titles such as Fire Emblem: Fates and Bravely Second. Criticism and even Twitter campaigns were created in protest when those games came out.

But it seems players concerns are being taken heard by Capcom localization team. Remains to be seen if this concern will be taken in account by other developers.



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