Live-action Yu Yu Hakusho takes #1 spot in weekly top 10 on Netflix

Live-action Yu Yu Hakusho

The live-action Netflix Yu Yu Hakusho series has proven to be quite popular, as it took the first-place spot on Netflix’s top 10 chart for the week of December 11th.

This is despite the fact that most live-action adaptations tend to fail, be it either due to poor quality or a lack of faithfulness to the source material.

Netflix Japan’s Twitter account shared an image revealing that it took the number one spot for the top 10 Non-English TV shows for the week of December 11th to December 17th:

The work acquired 7.7 million views, and might have been successful to the point of spawning sequels down the line.

The Yu Yu Hakusho anime debuted back in 1992 (though, most westerners probably learned about it with its 2002 Adult Swim debut) and revolves around a high school boy who is initially killed and ends up becoming a spirit detective.



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