Live action Voltes V getting compilation film in October

Voltes V

Toei has announced that the Filipino live action adaptation of Voltes V will get a compilation film this October.

Voltes V: Legacy (2023)

Dubbed the “Ultra Electromagnetic Edition”, Voltes V Legacy adds scenes not included in the original Voltes V live-action series.

The series will have both the original Filipino-language version and a Japanese dub. In addition, Tokyo MX is also scheduled to air Voltes V legacy.

A new remaster of the original anime may come in blu-ray in September.

The live action series was aired by Philippine television network GMA in May 2023, under the supervision of Toei. It aired until September 2023.

The original Voltes V, aired in 1977, was the second of Tadao Nagahama’s Robot Romance Trilogy, of which the first was Combattler V and the last series is Daimos. All three have been featured in numerous Super Robot Wars games.

Voltes V was exported to the Philippines in 1978, but was abruptly canceled near its end due to alleged violence and fears of being used as anti-government propaganda. Since the 1986 protests and fall of the Ferdinand Marcos’ Sr.’s government, it has been aired in its full since in different Philippine television stations.


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