Little Ladies’ Day is underway on Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Little Ladies Day is currently undergoing, the event is inspired by the real life event in Japan.

The new event is based on the Hinamatsuri, a Japanese festivity that celebrates femininity and a healthy upbringing of children.

The description for the event reads:

The peach trees lining the streets of Ul’dah are in full bloom, as beneath their vibrant boughs walk ladies from around the realm, their faces full of cheer.

Little Ladies’ Day has come─and this year, one young maiden in particular appears to require the aid of a charitable adventurer…

The Little Ladies Day event quests are usually lighthearted short adventures in which the player helps out those in need of cheering up during the festivities, they also feature recurring characters specific to the event.

You can read more details on the event’s official site.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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