Little Cities: Bigger! announced

Little Cities: Bigger!

nDreams has announced Little Cities: Bigger!, a new virtual reality city building re-release launching soon.

Little Cities: Bigger! is launching on March 12th for PlayStation VR2.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

The critically acclaimed cozy VR city creator…just a little Bigger!

Little Cities: Bigger! reimagines classic city building from the ground-up for VR – with a cozy colourful twist!

Take on a vibrant multi-island campaign of uniquely rewarding creative challenges, balancing resources, population happiness and a slew of dynamic natural disasters (…and the occasional Yeti!). Or, relax into the endless cozy creativity of Sandbox Mode – crafting, drawing and finessing your dream islands completely from scratch.

Create your dream cities with a bustling blend of shops, industry and housing and lean in to see your diorama creations spring to life. Plus, there’s a huge range of Attractions to delight your tiny population, with everything from donut shops to helter skelters to towering statues available to shape a world where your Little Citizens love to live. Bring on the itty bitty bustle!

Unfussy, fun and full of possibilities!

Embarking on your city creation journey has never been easier – fusing intuitive controls, drag and drop building placement and extremely satisfying bubble poppin’ UI.

Whether you’re striving to max out your Style Rating for ultimate campaign completion, or simply seeking to de-stress with some low stakes island hopping, you’ll always find a gorgeous range of biomes and environments to explore, set to a blissed-out soundtrack.

Dreamy city creation – perfected for PS VR2

Uniting over a year of delightful update content, including the wintry wonders of the Snowy Islands DLC, PS VR2 players are getting their paws on cozy creativity in its ultimate form!

Plus, we’ve harnessed the unique power of the PS VR2 to really ramp up the relaxation with enhanced frame rate, charming visuals in 4K glory, enhanced immersion with haptic feedback and even Eye-Tracking shenanigans!



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