Limited Run Games Teases Blaster Master Zero Physical Edition

Video game retailer Limited Run Games has teased that the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch title Blaster Master Zero could be receiving a physical edition.

Originally posted to Twitter, Limited Run Games posted artwork from Blaster Master Zero and simply told fans “More information Monday…” Limited Run Games is an online retailer that specializes in producing and licensing limited physical editions of popular games for collectors.

This includes games that have only been digital only until they have been released by Limited Run Games, or bundling special collector’s editions for games that do release physically.

Blaster Master Zero from Inti Creates is a reboot of the original NES Blaster Master from developer Sunsoft. Blaster Master is a run-and-gun platformer known for its high difficulty and unforgiving enemies. The series has collected a following of longtime fans ever since the first game’s release in 1988.

You can find the full rundown (via Nintendo) below.

Mutant Scum Never Learns! Blaster Master is Back!

Blaster Master Zero is an action-exploration game done in an 8-bit top-down & side-view style that hearkens back to the golden age of the NES.

Using the original 1988 NES title “Blaster Master” from Sunsoft as a base, Blaster Master Zero has many new additions, such as new areas and bosses, new gameplay elements such as extra sub-weapons, improved gameplay, a more robust scenario, refined and expanded exploration mechanics, and more.

In the near future on Earth, a young man named Jason Frudnick boards the battle vehicle SOPHIA III and sets off on an adventure in the subterranean depths of the planet.

On the side-view maps, take control of SOPHIA III and explore your surroundings as you search for the entrance to the dungeon where the area’s boss lurks.

Once you find the dungeon entrance, exit SOPHIA III and make your way inside as Jason and take on the mutants inside in top-down mode.

Defeat the mid-bosses and area bosses to acquire new items, sub-weapons, upgrades to SOPHIA III and Jason’s equipment, and new abilities and move to the next area.

What awaits Jason at the end of his long adventure…?

It is unknown at the time in what capacity Limited Run Games will be releasing Blaster Master Zero. Future developments will be posted here on Niche Gamer.

Blaster Master Zero is available now on Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.

Image: Twitter

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