Limited Run Games DOOM: The Classics Collection on Switch Has Alleged DRM on DOOM and DOOM II

Limited Run Games DOOM: The Classics Collection Nintendo Switch

Limited Run GamesDOOM: The Classics Collection allegedly has DRM on DOOM (1993) and DOOM II on Nintendo Switch.

The allegations come from Brett Mullaney, showing that while DOOM 3 can play without issue, DOOM (1993) and DOOM II will not launch without an internet connection, or a user profile without a Nintendo Account.


Others have corroborated and shared this information, such as DoesItPlay? (a Twitter account dedicated to game preservation). Is should be noted that others may have merely cited what Mullaney claimed.

Nonetheless, Limited Run Games made no mention of any such DRM on their store, or during the announcement; nor is there any mention of DRM on Nintendo’s website for either game. The DRM also seems to not be present on PlayStation 4, further deepening the confusion. Full shipping is estimated to begin Q1 2022, though some have gotten the games [1, 2, 3, 4].

Limited Run Games even publicly stated the games would not require an online connection on Nintendo Switch, answering an individual on Twitter with that very concern.

Most who would acquire physical games would do so without expectation of needing a digital connection, even if said game had online features. Both games only feature local co-op, and the option of cloud saves via a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


We have reached out to both Bethesda Softworks and Limited Run Games for comment.

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