Lifeless Moon and Smile for Me Previews

Have you ever experienced a game where you were not quite sure what you had just witnessed? Did a certain scene make you go what the hell or has there been a game that has blown your mind? Occasionally, there are games that once you have played them, they change your outlook on video games.

Meanwhile, there are some that once the game has finished, you are just at a loss for words. The latter is what we experienced from Serenity Forge’s two games Smile for Me and Lifeless Moon. Earlier, we shared with you our PAX East 2023 preview of Arcadian Atlas, now let’s dive into their other two peculiar games.

Lifeless Moon

When the developers say a strange and mysterious journey. What they mean is an outer space-themed acid trip. All joking aside, the demo was polished and played smoothly even if the game design was out of the ordinary.

The jumping from one area to the next and boosting there definitely triggered our fear of falling anxiety but once we knew what would happen, it was easier to get through. There are moments when I felt like the guy in the wheelchair was going to offer me the red pill or the blue pill.

If you would like to see the demo we played at PAX East 2023 with the developer’s commentary, it is down below. Honestly, it will be interesting to see what other strange and unusual things occur in this game.

Lifeless Moon is currently scheduled to be released in 2023 but at the moment there is no official release date. Stage 2 Studios will announce the release date when the game is ready.

For now if you want to wishlist it, head to their Steam page and prepare for an out-of-this-world trip.

Smile for Me

The last Serenity Forge game we previewed at PAX East 2023 is the game Smile for Me, developed by LimboLane.

The game originally launched on Steam in 2019 and received rather positive reviews. Smile for Me is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on April 24th.

For the PAX East demo, we tried the game out on the Nintendo Switch. Although the core gameplay made sense, the use of motion controls really killed our interest in the game.

Having to look around by moving the Switch around felt more like a chore rather than a fun experience. The characters were interesting with their own little quirks but trying to get through the dialog with them was a hassle.

The game does feature something mysterious as the player’s character seems to have joined a cult. What is truly going on in the habitat? Below we have shared with you some PC gameplay of Smile for Me from Steam.

Does either of these two titles look interesting to you? Would you be more likely to play Smile for Me or Lifeless Moon? If neither game, would you consider playing Arcadian Atlas? All three of these games have their own appeal but could be difficult to get into if it is not your type of game.

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