LGBT ads placed near Tokyo’s Shibuya station


Japan might soon be succumbing to the more political side of the so-called “LGBT community” as an ad featuring same-sex couples were recently featured near Tokyo’s Shibuya Station.

A marriage information service known as Zexy was responsible for putting up the ad, which contained same-sex couples and common-law couples.

Zexy is a company that concerns itself with marriage information and publication, and ended up changing its slogan to “As long as you’re happy, that’s fine” for its 30th anniversary this year.

Here’s a full look at the ad:

Naoriko Mori, the editor-in-chief for Zexy, says the “struggles of LGBT couples” served as inspiration for the campaign.

Many are critical of the advertisement, as the LGBT “movement” is often criticized for being more about controlling how people act and speak, rather than actual “freedom” (which western individuals have had for decades).

Japanese critics apparently labeled the campaign as “politically correct” and catering to a minority, when there are problems more dire, like the country’s plummeting births.

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